The Original

The world's first:
  • Ontology-based Operating System (OOS),
  • Ontology-Oriented Operating System (OOOS),
  • verified Reflective Operating System (ROS),
  • verified open source ROS microkernel,
  • verified kernel-less operating system,
  • verified kernel-less capability operating system,
  • verified portal-based ROS,
  • unified code-based operating and model-based reasoning system,

  • 3-Dimensional Operating System (3DOS),
  • n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS),
  • Augmented Reality Operating System (AROS),
  • Virtual Reality Operating System (VROS),
  • Mixed Reality Operating System (MROS),
  • Multidimensional Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia Operating System (MMMMOS),

  • dynamic universal Theory of Everything (ToE),
  • and much more,

    or simply said the world's first Ontologic System (OS).

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