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Ontologics OntoLinux follows 2 visions.

Our first vision is, that OntoLi♥♥x will become the base for:

  • parts of the next versions of the Internet,
  • entirely new breeds of applications, and
  • something totally new: The Caliber.
Computer Systems like OntoLi♥♥x have the potential to become important applications.

Our second vision is to be part of a world-class it-services business division that helps consumers and businesses achieve their goals. We will accomplish our visions through our commitment to:

  • strategic growth,
  • outstanding services, and
  • community involvement.

All Ontologics OntoLinux employees will help accomplish this visions by always:

  • providing unparalleled personal service,
  • proactively tailoring innovative solutions to fully meet each of our customerís individual needs,
  • treating customers, and colleagues with respect, and
  • being accountable to customers, and colleagues in all we do.
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