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The OntoLinux::Innercircle is an organization with the mission of promoting the evolution and the adoption of OntoLinux by the software industry as a O#-based de-facto standard for Cognitive Agent-based and Ontologic Applications. The Board will leverage, continue and consolidate the open source tradition through the continuous support and involvement of the OntoLinux open source community.
Its objective is the industrial affirmation of OntoLinux through the establishment of consensus and contribution of the players in the information- and knowledge-based sector and ignite new business cycles based on Intelligent Agents and Ontologic Systems.
Concretely, the creation of the OntoLinux::Innercircle should gen- erate the following advantages to the open source community:

  • The open source community will be able to stronger influence the development of OntoLinux;
  • The open source community will benefit from a more stable and reliable software;
  • The Innercircle-board aims at enabling a market for the applications developers create.
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