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News 2008 November

Website update
There exists now the CoVE 1.0.0 version. We updated the Project Status webpage accordingly by:

  • Replacing 'CoVE is in beta stadium. Please pay attention: Qt 4.3 is up, but CoVE is actually based on 4.1 and QSA 1.2.1.' with 'Please pay attention: CoVE is actually based on Qt 4.3.1 and QSA.'

    Further steps
    We are looking closer at the Object-based Storage Device (OSD) file system Osdfs, that is compliant with the Technical Committee T10-OSD standard specification.

    Website update
    We cleaned up the news archive.

    Further steps
    We are looking how and where we reference the ProViz tool, that is based on Tulip.
    We also updated the web address of Tulip.

    Original Sketches
    Roboticle Robot Cook-ERoboticle Robot Cook-ERoboticle Robot Cook-E
    © Patty Mate 2002

    Star Trek TricorderStar Trek TricorderStar Trek Tricorder
    © CBS Studios Incorporated→Star Trek

    Original Sketches
    Roboticle Robot Med-ERoboticle Robot Nurs-ERoboticle Robot Med-E
    © Lego®, Danny36, and :(

    Patch/Bug Message
    For the latest release of the OntoFS/R4 file system you need the ontofs/reiser4-adjust-to-new-aops and ontofs/reiser4-unbroke patches too.

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