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The Proposal and the related notes were only the first attempt to shed light on one of the many riddles of the universe and the life. Sadly, to the problems already described in The Proposal new prob- lems have been added due to the newness of the scientific field and the wrongly made assertions by the author about the existence of scientific solutions. Even more worse became the situation after it had to be realized that some of the arisen problems are belonging to the actual hardest mathematical problems, which were a little bit la- ter after the creation of the first version of The Proposal in the year 1999 listed in May of 2000 by the U.S.American Clay Foundation. In this conjunction the prime factorization has to be named, because it is closely related with the Algorithmic Information Theory 3, Turing Machines and the P vs NP Problem. At the end it had to be ascert- ained that reality is much more than the human brain is able to un- derstand.

Actual Situation
The most promising approach is related with the third variant as de- scribed in The Proposal: Take an existing system and start an evo- lutionay process of it.
And the concepts of the Ontologic System OntoLinux are going even beyond of this approach.
Somehow The Proposal proves that there has to be something be- fore the Big Bang happened or otherwise humans will never under- stand the universe in its entirety. Moreover, it seems to be that not only one universal theory can be described, but many of them.
And what no one has seen before is that OntoLinux also constitutes the best Universal Theory of Everything, because it is the first and still only active theory. All other theories are only static descriptions about mathematical and physical rules.

Future Directions
Also, more important than the approach to take static geometric ob- jects, like a field or a spiral, as models that unite time and space, is to take the dynamics themselves, most to mention the spin, as the themes of focused researches.
Another interesting direction is to enrich mathematics with the new set of Dynamic Numbers, the CSSet.


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