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OntoCAx - Ontologic Computer-Aided x

OntoCAx is the component of OntoLi+-x that handles all kind of tasks related with Computer-Aided technologies (CAx), such as for example:

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD),
  • Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), including
    • pre- and post-processing for numerical simulation, and
    • multi-physics coupling,
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and also
  • other related Computer-Aided technologies (CAx),

as well as Ontologic and Softbionic

  • data integration,
  • model integration,
  • knowledge integration,
  • intelligence integration, and
  • enterprise integration

by its corresponding subcomponents:

and also the other Ontologic components.

Data Integration
The OntoCAx component features a data structure similar to the Open CasCade Application Framework (OCAF) that is not shape driven, but reference-key respectively key-value driven, so that it fits together with the OntoBlender component and the underlying Ontologic data storage Base (OntoBase) and Ontologic File System (OntoFS).

Model Integration
The OntoCAx component is integrated with the OntoBlender component, which increases the power of our Ontologic System Architecture (OSA) even more with

  • photorealistic rendering with
    • ray casting,
    • ray tracing, and
    • radiosity,
  • animation, and also
  • point cloud and mesh processing, and
  • image-based rendering.

Knowledge Integration
In this way, we could further complete the Problem Solving Environment (PSE; see also the webpage Overview) with the functionalities and capabilities of the fields of

  • Computer-Aided technologies (CAx) as well as
  • Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) Environment (KBEE)

with the combined functionalities of the OntoBot and the OntoBlender, that are used as part of the special assistance and recommender system when conducting highly complex numerical calculations and simulations for example, while the Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature makes a natural interaction with the various CAx assistants possible.

Intelligence Integration

Through the seamless integration of OntoCAx with

that are directly connected with SoftBionic (SB) components, such as for example

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML),
  • Evolutionary Computing (EC), and
  • other softcomputing techniques,

as well as

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP),
  • Natural Image Processing (NIP), and
  • other modalities or senses.

    The OntoCAx component provides the foundation for the development of many interesting, sophisticated, and complex Multilingual Multimodal Multidimensional Multiparadigmatic Multimedia (M⁵) software and hardware applications and systems respectively Ontologic Applications by incorporating

    • multimedia,
    • computer vision, and
    • computational geometry.

    Enterprise Integration
    By our sophisticated ontologic workspace, workbench, and workflow concept the OntoCAx integrates seemlessly with the (other) fields of

    • Operations Management (OM),
    • Quality Management (QM),
    • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),

    as listed in the section Basic Properties of the webpage Overview, and also with tools and suites like for example

    • office suite and
    • enterprise business suite.
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