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OntoCOVE - Ontologic Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment

The Ontologic Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment OntoCOVE is an essential part of the Ontoscope component and spans from a desktop Graphical User Interface (GUI) to a Collaborative Virtual Environment (CoVE).

Integration of the concepts:

  • OntoGraphics system,
  • Virtual Environment,
  • Ontologic Virtual Environment,
  • Collaborative Virtual Environment,
  • Ontologic Collaborative Virtual Environment and
  • Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment

    to an Ontologic Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment.

    Ontologic Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Reality Environments are extremly interesting, because they open totally new ways to:

    • design,
    • use and
    • develop applications for
    information processing systems, like hightech operating systems.

    Virtual Environment
    The visual functionality has as its unique characteristics the feature, that this part of the graphics environment can be used in the modes of:

    and their combinations with the support to use for example generic and extendable 2D in 3D interaction techniques and to bridge seam- lessly between these different application modes and, most interestingly, different realities.

    Virtual Environment Windowing Library → 3D desktop GUI, Holographic UI, Mixed Reality UI, Augmented Reality UI, and Virtual Reality UI; OntoCAVE Simulator View

    Ontologic Virtual Environment
    By the extension with the Ontolgic System®™ approach of the
    Ontoscope software component the result is more than the former notion of a mixed reality environment, because it realizes a reality-virtuality-continuum with complete reality at the one end, augmented reality and augmented virtuality inbetween, and virtuality at the other end of the scale, and the transformation/bridge along this reality-virtuality-continuum.

    Collaborative Virtual Environment
    Traditionally, virtual reality environments were used at one place, but with the availability of high-performance network technologies the collaboration of many virtual environments has become a standard tool in the fields of research and development, but also of communication and entertainment.
    At several different places of the system OntoCOVE has access to the network functionality. In detail, these are the network layers of the:

    In this way, OntoCOVE has all needed functionality to accomplish every network centric task.

    Ontologic Collaborative Virtual Environment
    In the same way as
    virtual environments can be extended by the Ontolgic System®™ approach of the Ontoscope software component to an OntoVE a collaborative virtual environment can be extended to an ontologic collaborative virtual environment.

    Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment
    OntoVE can also be used in collaboration with many other OntoVEs as a collaborative ontologic virtual environment.

    Ontologic Collaborative Ontologic Virtual Environment
    The already described superior features in the visual area and also as basic infrastructure of a mixed reality environment aren't all that OntoCOVE has to offer. Like every other part of the
    Ontoscope software component it is also integrated into an ontologic scene graph. In this way, users and most fascinating the information processing system itself are now able to:

    • intelligently interact with the 3D graphics system,
    • understand the visual contents as well as to
    • change the visual contents.

    The sources for OntoCOVE are refreshed and can be downloaded later. Interested persons have also the choice to ask for the sources of the Collaborative Virtual Environment (CoVE).

    An installation manual for the OntoCOVE system is coming soon.

    A manual for the OntoCOVE system is coming soon.

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