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Project Status

We have composed a test version of OntoLi♥♥x.

Squeeze is running.
OntoFS is running stable as a prototyp based on a standard Linux® file system and the SQLite database library but without any inte- grations of both.
X Window System is running.

All mentioned components can be installed immediatly.

All mentioned components of Ontoscope are running in their original versions by themselves.
Because of the evolution of the Qt® toolkit and its scripting lang- uage Qt Script Module (formerly QSA), the OpenSceneGraph, and the connections to Mekensleep Underware respectively CoVEDIVERSE, Delta3D, and Tulip the status sadly has changed. But it should be possible for skilled programmers to get it running without great problems.

Please pay attention: CoVE actually is based on Qt 4.3.1 and QSA, which support ended 2008, and Tulip 3 now uses the interpreted interactive object-oriented programming language Python as a scripting language plug-in. For sure, the latter is no problem due to the facts that it is already included in for example Mekensleep Underware and we plannend just right from the start in 2006 to add Python as a language plug-in to Free Poplog in a later phase.

To Do
Implementation of an interface between SIM_AGENT and the plug-in interface of OntoFS. This can be done like the interface between Pop-11 and the X Window System (RCLIB).
Updating all components to use the same version of the Qt toolkit.
Updating CoVE to use the ECMAScript (ECMA-262) scripting lan- guage, or even better, implementation of an interface with the SimAgent TOOLKIT. This could be done like the interface between Pop-11 and the X Window System (RCLIB) as well.

Further development of Free Poplog by overworking the language specification and adding some more programming methodes and programming languages, like for example for:

Integration of some kind of a Multiverse into CoVE.

If you are trying to build your own system, develop a strategy for automating as much as possible without stepping out of the whole concept.

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