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Underware will be a set of Free Software libraries and tools used to produce a 3D online persistent universe.
It will borrow from existing Free Software tools and bind them toge- ther, filling the gaps where functionalities are missing.
Simultaneously, a poker game and server will be produced, whose main purpose is to demonstrate and test every aspect of Underware.



Like CoVE, the multiplayer online game contains an adapter for the GUI environment Metisse that embeds arbitrary 2D X11 programs within the 3D OpenSceneGraph (OSG). All 2D interfaces of the game are implemented using this adapter that only relies on OSG. For in- stance, it can be used to run a K Desktop Environment (KDE) or GNU's Not Unix! (GNU) Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) within an OSG scene.
As a side effect of the combination with GNOME, the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) is also linked to Metisse by GNOME's underlying component model and middleware with its Object Request Broker (ORB) ORBit.

We have reworked and extended this architecture with our software components OntoGraphics and OntoScope by adding ECMAScript languages as a further general scripting language with, e.g. given by the Qt® Toolkit, and support for Poplog and the actual HTML and XML standards. Also the GNOME ToolKit (GTK+), Metisse, and the client-server communcation layer of the poker engine was substituted with the communication features of the already given Unix® like/POSIX compliant operating systems, the virtual environments Diverse and CoVE - Collaborative Virtual Environment, which uses the Qt® Toolkit, and the integration of the X Window System with the virtual environment.
Moreover, we added the OpenSceneGraph Audio Library osgAL besides the osgal, and also substituted the poker engine with our own engine that uses the physics engine Open Dynamics Engine. The developers of the game and simulation engine Delta3D go into a similar direction, so we can use their integration of the Open Dynamics Engine besides other objects and data, though both projects have no true 3D user interface integrated in their virtual environment and no Ontology-Orientation (OO 2) and Ontologic-Orientation (OO 3), as well as true Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other SoftBionic (SB) techniques.
We also have with the original set of Free Software by the Underware project the 3D content creation suite Blender its visual node editor, 3D modeler, and game engine inclusive a further physics engine, which in this way became a module of our OntoScope component.
Also, while the Poker 3D game of the Underware project has moved to the OpenSceneGraph (OSG) project shortly after the start of OntoLinux, we are thinking about our own general scripting language and the replacement of the Qt® Toolkit with our Multimodal Multime- dia User Interface (MM²UI) by reworking the OpenGL based Graphic User Interface (GUI) of Blender.

Twibber is the stack of the Jabber/eXtensible Messaging and Pres- ence Protocol (XMMP) server Jabberd 2 put on the event-driven networking engine Twisted (Matrix) that handles the XMMP protocol in an asynchronous way. Also, the mu-conference server is based on the protocol JEP-0045, now XMMP XEP-0054, that is the vCard-XML format and used within the Jabber community.

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